“The Home Chef” w/ Casey Halpern: Hamakua Mushroom Pasta

The Home Chef Cafe Pesto HamakuaMushrooms

Chef Casey Halpern from Cafe Pesto Hilo Bay teamed up with Hamakua Heritage Farm and filmed several video segments called “The Home Chef,” which feature cooking with Hamakua mushrooms. This delicious video is on Hamakua Mushrooms Pasta.

Chef Casey makes a simple pasta dish using: Hamakua mushrooms, cooked angel hair pasta, garlic, olive oil and butter, white wine, and finishes the dish with chopped rosemary, oregano, and parmesan cheese.

For variety, Chef Casey recommends adding smoked ham, chicken, or shrimp to the dish. This dish is very easy to make, just watch the short video and you’ll be chef-ing it up at home before you know it!

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