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Here at Cafe Pesto, we pride ourselves on the many tasty dishes that we offer on our regular menu as well as the awesome specials that our team of chefs and sous chefs come up with.

This food blogger loved the Miloliʻi so much that he wrote an article about us called “Sandwich Island Fever (Part 3).”

The Miloliʻi is a sandwich we offer every day on our lunch menu that has garlic basted shrimp, pacific crab, sliced mushrooms, blended cheeses on French bread and served with Molokaʻi sweet potato salad!

Jack Swiker of “The Danger Sandwich,” a fun food blog that explores all areas of international sandwich cuisine had this to say about our sandwich:

Keeping this idea in mind, I noticed a sandwich called Miloli’i, an open-faced sandwich topped with garlic basted shrimp, Pacific crab meat, sliced mushrooms and a blend of cheeses on French Bread. The blend of cheeses weren’t listed but definitely included Mozzarella and Parmesan, along with another one I couldn’t quite place. The combination led to a very umami flavor of the sandwich, smoky, smooth and all delicious.

The garlic shrimp cut through the smooth flavors of the cheese with just enough kick to stand out. The shrimp were tender, plentiful and cooked long enough to bring out their flavor but still allow for a pop in your mouth with each bite. The crab meat was mixed in between each of the shrimp and provided a smooth, slightly seafood flavor.

The sliced mushrooms, while not adding much flavor compared to the other ingredients, were cooked just right.

The French bread was toasted to a crisp outside while still having a soft inside, providing a great contrast to the rest of the sandwich. Overall, this was an excellent example of a seafood sandwich from a great location.

Well, Jack, we REALLY appreciate the kind words and hope that if ever in our neck of the woods again, you would stop by again not only to say hello but to try one of our other mouth-watering sandwich choices!

To see the full article, follow this link:


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