Celebrate Grandparent’s Day at Cafe Pesto!


Happy Grandparent’s Day from Cafe Pesto to all those special people lucky enough to be called “Opa, Meemaw,  Tutu, Mimz, Pops, Pa, Ojiisan, Granny, Grams, G-pa, Sofu, Avo, Pappous, Chei, Jadd, Ohg, Nana, Grandfather, Mamaw, Kapaw, Grandmother, Nanny, Beetle, Gi-Gi, Nani, Poppy, etc.”

Grandparent’s Day was set up to educate youth about the many things seniors have done throughout history and we often hear, “The best part about being a grandparent, is that we get to spoil them, and send them home full of candy and sugar!” Why not thank your grandparents for all those times by celebrating Grandparent’s Day with them this Sunday, September 8th at Cafe Pesto! Come enjoy one of our daily specials including cocktails, soups, dinner entrees, and desserts!

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  1. We should show our love and appreciation to our grandparents as much as we could. We should also spoil them every now and then. This is why we to the best finger food catering that I know during grandparents’ day.

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