Cafe Pesto Hilo at 19th Annual Kona Brewers Festival

Kona Brewers festival CafePesto

Chef Casey and Chef Raif will be bringing a variation of this amazing Soft Shelled Crab Poʻ Boy at the 19th Annual Kona Brewers Festival at the King Kamehamehaʻs Kona Beach Hotel on March 8th.  They served this version a few nights back! Itʻs a buttermilk fried softshell crab Po’ Boy’ and was served with a pineapple slaw and sweet potato fries.

Cafe Pesto Hilo Bay Po Boy

The Cafe Pesto Hilo team will join other chefs from the top restaurants around the Big Island to serve the festivalʻs attendees while they taste craft brews from around the country.

We asked Chef Casey what beer he was looking forward to and he said ” I like the Hapa Brown Ale from Hawaii Nui.”

Well, Chef, we hope you get the chance to enjoy the brews too!

Cheers, Kanpai, ʻŌkole Maluna!

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